Basic income participants share their stories at Queen’s Park

Hamilton Spectator

A busload of Hamilton basic income program participants and community advocates travelled to Queen's Park Wednesday in search of answers after the PC government announced last week the pilot project would be scrapped.

While the group did not learn what's next for the close to 1,000 Hamilton residents affected by the cancellation, Tom Cooper of the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction said the visit was productive because it offered a chance for people to meet with MPPs, share their stories and have their voices heard.

"People are unsure about the future," he said.

"By having this opportunity today, they certainly didn't get the answers they necessarily wanted from the government, but at least they know some politicians are listening to them."

The move to cancel the three-year pilot program less than a year in has been met with much backlash, including from recipients.

Participants have spoken about the impact the program has had on their lives and expressed concern about what the cancellation means.

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