Basic income, not social assistance: New Brunswick

CBC News

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon would like to see a basic income guarantee replace the province's social assistance program which has led to "government enforced poverty."

"It's a different kind of social assistance system, that's for sure. It's simpler," Coon said in an interview with Information Morning Moncton

"It doesn't have the clawbacks. It doesn't have these awful rules that really bind people in poverty and prevent them from getting ahead in any way."

Coon tabled a bill on Tuesday that would amend the Family Income Security Act, which provides funding to people who can't support themselves financially.

Coon said he'd like to adjust the act to "promote and provide income security, combat poverty in the province, and ensure that applicants and recipients are treated with dignity and respect."

He'd also like the act to allow the social development minister to form an agreement with the federal government to provide a basic income guarantee for New Brunswickers.

"I think it's something we need to experiment with here and see if it's the way we can really move people out of poverty," he said.

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