Basic Income Guarantee an equitable solution for poverty

PEI is ready to adopt a basic income.The Guardian


Basic Income Guarantee (BIG), as a public policy and program, is designed to respond to the belief that all people have the collective right to an income which allows them to live in good health and with dignity.

The P.E.I. Working Group for a Livable Income works on Basic Income Guarantee as its central long-term program. Our work has involved consultations with the P.E.I. community, lobbying public decision-makers and maintaining contact with the national movements for Basic Income Guarantee. Meanwhile, we give close attention to the many ongoing conditions of low income in Prince Edward Island.

This is a particularly crucial time for a serious discussion of Basic Income Guarantee. As always, our working group expects to see the program as a central concern of all public policy makers. Since we began our specific basic income work in 2013, we have met with and engaged all four P.E.I. political parties in our conversations and learnings. Across the country and around the world, Basic Income Guarantee endorsement comes from across the political spectrum from the moderate right to the left. For academics and communities, concerned about the good of all people, the program is a muchneeded answer.

On Thursday (July 11), the Legislative Assembly of P.E.I. provided the working group and all Islanders with reasons to hope for new directions. The assembly gave unanimous assent to a motion which was generated by an all-party collaboration to form a threeparty special committee of the Legislative Assembly to research and hold consultations on the reality of poverty in P.E.I. The final resolution of the motion is especially significant as a major leap forward: “Be it further resolved that the Committee report back to the Legislative Assembly within 12 months with recommendations regarding the creation of a fully costed Basic Income Guarantee pilot for Prince Edward Island.”

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