Basic income: Significant implications for food and farmers

By Aric McBay

The national movement for a Basic Income Guarantee is gaining ground. The heart of the Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) is a government program that would ensure every person in Canada a certain amount of income every year to “to meet basic needs and live with dignity.” And this could have big implications for food and farming.

Dr. Elaine Power, an author and professor at Queen’s University, is excited about BIG’s momentum. “To me it feels like we’ve reached Gladwell’s proverbial tipping point,” she says. “It’s taken off like wildfire. A bit of effort, a lot of results.” 

In December of 2015, Kingston City Council passed a unanimous resolution endorsing the Basic Income Guarantee and calling on other cities to do the same. Kingston was the first, and a series of Ontario municipalities have followed suit, including Belleville, Cornwall, Peterborough, and Welland. 

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