Basic Income Generosity

Throughout November, we at BICN have been asking for your help and financial support.

We are profoundly grateful for the generosity of everyone who has donated to this campaign. With over $7,000 raised we have far more capacity to do the work that’s so urgently needed to make basic income a reality for Canadians in a future where greater equality, security, dignity, and wellbeing prevail.

If you have not yet given, please consider making a one-time gift or becoming a monthly donor by the end of November to help us get closer to our $15,000 goal for current priorities which are:

1) Key operational needs such as capturing speaking opportunities across Canada, supporting basic income events of local and regional partners, production and printing our Basic Income Primer series, and making powerful online tools available for advocates;

2) A workshop in early 2018, in Toronto or Ottawa, with policy and costing experts to help refine the detailed basic income policy design options BICN is developing;

3) Paid personnel for coordination of our many and diverse activities, as a means to help basic income supporters reach the next level of impact.

If you have already donated, or are unable to but still want to help, please circulate this message to family, friends, colleagues, and others in your networks who care about building a more just and equitable Canada.

This is the last e-mail notice of our November campaign but not the end of opportunity to support basic income goals. You can do that anytime on our website. As the holiday season approaches, we are confident that the spirit of generosity will continue to grow. As we all donate to food banks or snowsuit drives and other ways of meeting immediate need, let’s also contribute to creating more lasting solutions.

We also hope many of you will join us at the 17th annual North American Basic Income (NABIG) Congress taking place May 24-27 in Hamilton, co-organized by BICN and partners! The Call for Participation will be available and shared with you soon.

Thank you for your kind support!

Sheila Regehr