Basic Income Canada releases series of primers on why basic income is needed

Roderick Benns

Basic income has genuine momentum now as a social policy option, not just in Canada, but around the world.

To play a supportive role, Basic Income Canada Network is now offer a series of 11 short ‘primers’ on basic income that answers many questions, from how it could work, to why it is needed, and how it might impact you.

The modules cover an Overview of basic income, the situation in Canada, how it relates to Gender and Family, and how it can impact our Health for the better.

As well there is a primer about all the international pilots and tests going on that have to do with basic income, as well as sharing the ‘morals and values’ reason for supporting this new social policy option.

Of course, adequately addressing poverty is a key module, as is how important it is to protect our public services while simultaneously supporting basic income.

Basic Income Canada Network also covers how basic income fits into the ‘new economy,’ and they also make the ‘business case’ for a basic income guarantee.

Lastly, the national network’s series of modules looks at what a basic income could mean to you, the reader.

You can download one – or all of them – and see how a basic income could transform our country into a compassionate, smart, entrepreneurial, and healthy society.

To access the primers, click here.