Basic Income Canada Network included in short list of 6 Canadian groups working toward positive change

Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) has been included in a recently published video wiki "Groups Working Toward Positive Change In Canada.

Millions of monthly visitors will have a chance to learn about BICN and its mission.

The group points out BICN is a non-partisan organization advocating for a Basic Income Guarantee for the country's population.

“Arguing that the rise of automation will drive mass unemployment, this group calls for a universal wage to serve as a safety net, supporting independence and career flexibility.

BICN shares informational resources making the case for a Basic Income Guarantee, including articles, videos, and infographics.

The group's in-depth policy report offers specific proposals for government bodies to implement a base wage for all, and its local networks raise support for the movement in regions around the country.

Supporters can volunteer, donate, or sign an online petition to call for action.”