Bankrupt California city wants to give basic income to residents


Stockton, California, is testing a universal basic income for a select group of families to see whether the program could evolve into a broader policy, Fox News reports.

How will it work?

The plan is to give $500 per month to several dozen families, and then to monitor them and see how the money is used and how it impacts “self-esteem and identity.”

The money will come mostly from The Economic Security Project, which is donating $1 million toward the experiment.

Why are they doing this?

Mayor Michael Tubbs believes it will help improve the lives of recipients in a city where one in four residents lives below the poverty line.

“I think it will make people work better and smarter and harder, and also be able to do things like spend time with their families because we’re not robots,” Tubbs said. “We’re not just designed to work all day and run a rat race.”

Stockton went bankrupt in 2012, and many of its residents struggled financially as home prices increased and wages stayed the same.

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