B.C. minister says western province watching Ontario's example closely on Basic Income

Kamloops This Week

The B.C. Liberal government will have its eye on Ontario in coming months, watching to see if the province moves forward with a recommendation to introduce a guaranteed income.

Kamloops-South Thompson MLA and Transportation Minister Todd Stone said both Ontario and Ottawa are looking at the idea, noting Victoria will be “watching very closely what they do.”

The concept received another boost this week with the annual report from Food Banks Canada, which not only proposed creation of a guaranteed income, but suggested a timeline for steps to be taken that would see the goal fulfilled.

Ontario is moving forward after receiving a report from the province’s special advisor on basic income, former senator Hugh Segal, who has been advocating for such a creation for years.

He recommended the province replace its social-assistance program with a non-taxable monthly payment of at least $1,320 for a single person, an amount valued at about 75 per cent of the poverty line.

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