B.C. Greens release platform highlighting basic income and clean economic recovery

CBC News

A B.C. Green Party would move towards a basic income program, make the province carbon neutral by 2045, and spend more than $10 billion over the next three years on a host of environmental and social election promises. 

Green Leader Sonia Furstenau made the promises as part of the party's platform, unveiled Wednesday afternoon, saying it would target people who need help now by building a stronger, more equitable and sustainable province.

"We cannot afford to go back to our old patchwork of social supports that were not meeting the needs of people," said Furstenau.

"We need to build a more resilient society and social safety nets, that lifts people up and doesn't leave them behind."

Furstenau's plan would see basic income implemented immediately for youth aging out of care, make the temporary $300 per month top-up in emergency COVID support for disability and welfare rates permanent, index those rates to inflation going  and reduce clawbacks on earned income. 

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