Alberta Liberal platform promises basic income pilot project

CBC News

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan says his party will launch a pilot project to study the implementation of basic income, provide funding to hire 2,000 new teachers, change the province's voting system and largely eliminate income taxes in favour of a sales tax.

"Alberta Liberals believe that better is possible," Khan said as he announced the full Liberal platform at the party's campaign headquarters Monday afternoon in Calgary. "I encourage all Albertans to read our policies because we have the best pro-growth fiscal strategies of any party in this election."

Khan said even though his party currently holds just one seat in the legislature, Albertans shouldn't forget that for years the Liberals were the official opposition.

He disputed that a vote for his party could lead to vote-splitting on the left. "I don't accept the fear-mongering by the NDP. It's a last-ditch attempt to save their campaign and saying a vote for us is a vote for Kenney. It's absolutely not true and it's an insult to Alberta voters," he said.

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