Advisory Council

BICN is privileged to draw on the knowledge and commitment of members of an Advisory Council that aims to reflect a diversity of experience, expertise and influence within different sectors of society and the economy. Some members represent local and regional groups from different parts of the country, and work to support mutual collaboration across this growing network.

Current Advisory Council members are (biographies) :

  • Stéphane Boisvert
  • Vivian Caron
  • Dr. Jurgen De Wispelaere
  • Kelly Ernst
  • Mike Fletcher
  • Joe Foster
  • John Green
  • James Hughes
  • Tara Kainer
  • Wanda Macdonald
  • Elizabeth McGuire
  • Dr. Lynn McIntyre
  • John Mills
  • Sharon Murphy
  • Chandra Pasma
  • Rob Rainer
  • Yvonne Stanford
  • Matt Talsma
  • Carter Vance