‘Time to take a serious look at basic annual guaranteed income’: Halifax mayor

By Steve Silva -- Global News

The adoption of a guaranteed basic income continues to grow support and get calls for consideration in Halifax, among other communities in Canada.

“Now is the time to take a serious look at basic annual guaranteed income. Today’s talks are needed to end poverty,” tweeted Halifax Mayor Mike Savage Saturday morning.

He spoke at a conference, titled “Basic Income Guarantee: The Time is Right”, at Halifax Central Library.

There are already programs in place to help Canadians with paying for home rent, food, etc., but the argument is a basic income, also called “minimum income”, would merge all of those into more efficient payments.

“This is actually a very, very good return on investment. For every dollar we invest in basic income, we’re going to yield multiple dollars in benefits downstream,” said Rob Rainer, a spokesperson for Basic Income Canada Network.

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