'I'm hoarding': Ontario's basic income recipients prepare for program's early end

CBC News

Ontario's basic income pilot project was widely expected to last three years, and for participants who made financial commitments based on that, the program's early end next week is creating new financial stress.

The province's previous Liberal government launched the basic income pilot in 2017 to see if more money could change the lives of people with low incomes, choosing 4,000 people to receive payments in the Ontario communities of Lindsay, Thunder Bay, Brantford and Hamilton.

Pilot participant Dana Bowman, who will now go back to relying on the Ontario Disability Support Program after her last payment arrives on Monday, says she was "completely gutted" when Doug Ford's newly elected Progressive Conservative government announced last summer it would be cancelling the program.

"We had a chance to make history," said Bowman, who signed up for what she thought would be three years of payments and agreed to open up about details of her personal life and financial struggles for the study.

Bowman received $1,915.75 per month on the pilot — the maximum for a single person with a disability. 

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