Invitation: 150 words about how basic income would affect your life!

The year 2017 marks Canada's 150th anniversary since its founding. And yet some six generations along since 1867, millions of people in Canada today suffer in poverty or experience relentless, stressful economic insecurity.

We want to ask you then: How might a Basic Income Guarantee affect your life and/or your loved ones? We invite you to answer that question in approximately 150 words and, by September 15th, send your reply to [email protected]. During the upcoming 10th International Basic Income Week (September 18-24), we'll collate the submissions and send them along to Prime Minister Trudeau and key federal Cabinet members (Finance, Health etc.) who are in position to introduce basic income security for all, from coast to coast to coast.

Below what you write, please provide the name of the city/town and province/territory in which you reside. You can also provide your name—or leave your name anonymous if that would be your preference. Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you and from many others across Canada!

To learn more about International Basic Income Week please visit