100 Canadian CEOs urge Doug Ford to rescue Ontario’s basic income project

The Star

Floyd Marinescu has never forgotten the fear and frustration of growing up in a home scarred by domestic violence.

“I always dreamed my mother would just leave,” said the 39-year-old Toronto businessman. “But I knew she didn’t have the financial means.”

That’s why Marinescu was so keen to see the results of Ontario’s three-year basic income pilot project, launched in 2017 by the previous Liberal government.

Not only could basic income address poverty, precarious employment and job loss due to automation and globalization, it could level the playing field for women, says the CEO of C4media, an international software publishing and conference company.

When the Ford government pulled the plug on the $150-million experiment in July, claiming jobs — not cash handouts — are the answer, Marinescu was “deeply upset” and determined to change the narrative.

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