Interview: Hawaii becomes first state to study full basic income

Basic Income Earth Network

Chris Lee, a Democratic state representative from Hawaii, made international headlines when he passed legislation creating a working group to study Universal Basic Income.

Lee recently joined the UBI Podcast to discuss the legislation.

He said the working group will analyze Hawaii’s exposure to automation and the potential for solutions, such as basic income, to address this issue. The working group will also look at the efficacy of Hawaii’s current social services system and whether it is adequate for the challenges of the future.

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Can a basic income help Thunder Bay residents?


Thunder Bay residents are eagerly awaiting this week’s announcement of how the provincial government will roll out the Basic Income Pilot Project in their community.

On April 24, Premier Kathleen Wynne announced that 4,000 people — in the Hamilton area (which includes Brantford and Brant County), Lindsay, and Thunder Bay — will participate in the first basic income study undertaken by a Canadian government since the Dauphin, Manitoba, experiment finished in 1979.

Under the terms of the pilot, people with low incomes will receive regular payments from the government in place of the social assistance programs to which they’re eligible now. Supporters believe it will be easier for the government to administer than the current system and will help impoverished citizens out by giving them more financial stability.

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Basic income could break cycle of poverty in PEI

CBC News

A public meeting in Charlottetown Wednesday to discuss a basic guaranteed income for Prince Edward Islanders heard that such a plan could help break the cycle of poverty for Island families.

Gina Younker was one of about 75 people at Murphy's Community Centre for the meeting. It was the last of four meetings hosted by the P.E.I. Working Group for a Liveable Income.

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On The Agenda: Ontario's basic income pilot

The Agenda

Ontario's basic income pilot will eventually assist 4,000 low income residents in Hamilton, Brantford and Brant County, Thunder Bay and Lindsay, providing individuals with $16,989 annually from the province. The Agenda welcomes Hugh Segal, special advisor to the income pilot program, to discuss how to track its success and whether it will improve the lives of Ontarians.

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Finland tests an unconditional basic income

The Economist

JUHA JARVINEN, an unemployed young father in a village near Jurva, western Finland, brims with ideas for earning a living. “I’m an artist and entrepreneur. Sometimes I’m too active, I don’t have time to stop,” he says. He just agreed to paint the roofs of two neighbours’ houses. His old business, making decorative window frames, went bust a few years ago. Having paid off debts, he recently registered another, to produce videos for clients.

Mr Jarvinen says that for six years he had wanted to start a new business but it had proved impossible.

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Basic income best way to help families put food on table: report

Global News

Giving low-income families unconditional monthly payments to cover basic necessities would likely be the best way to fight food insecurity, a new report argues.

Food insecurity, which ranges from worrying about one’s ability to put food on the table to having to skip meals in order to make ends meet, affects around 12 per cent of the population in Ontario, reads the study, by the Northern Policy Institute (NPI), a non-partisan think-tank.

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Basic income is an idea that can pay off

Kristina Nairn

Northumberland Today

Income is a key factor that affects our health and well-being.

Low income – or poverty – can lead to many problems. When people do not have enough income to pay for basic necessities such as food, housing and other goods and services, they are more likely to have health problems and die younger than people with higher incomes. In Northumberland County, we see how poverty takes a human and social toll that hurts the community and leads to higher health care costs.

The old ways of reducing poverty do not work, and new approach is needed to fix the problem. Thankfully, the Ontario government has taken a major step forward with the announcement of a Basic Income Guarantee pilot project ( starting later this year in Hamilton/Brantford, Thunder Bay and Lindsay.

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