Director of education says Lindsay residents will ‘rise up and contribute’ with basic income

Roderick Benns

The leader of Trillium Lakelands District School Board has positioned himself squarely in favour of Lindsay’s basic income pilot, saying there are “so many possibilities” for it to do community good.

Director of Education Larry Hope says his “personal belief is that we have to look at the big picture for our citizens and for society,” he says, referencing the basic income pilot that begins this fall in Lindsay.

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How to design a basic income for Canada

by Robin Boadway, Katherine Cuff and Kourtney Koebel 

The idea of a basic income – or a guaranteed minimum income for all adult Canadians regardless of employment status -- has evolved from a niche interest among policy geeks to a topic of mainstream political discourse. 

Once advocated as a means of restructuring income supports and relieving income security more generally, a recent wave of public interest is being sparked by people like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, who see it as the basis of a new social contract in the event that artificial intelligence and automation lead to mass unemployment. 

Many people see the merits of a basic income, yet some, believing a basic income is too expensive, remain skeptical. In the case of a universal, unconditional income that gives every Canadian $20,000, they should be.

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The beer can family and the poverty we can see

Roderick Benns


From my kitchen window I could see the two girls were about four and six years old.

They had just hopped out of a rusting, black Suzuki Esteem, circa 2001 maybe, making a beeline for our large recycling bin. 

The father was grey, unshaven and hunched as he swiftly followed them. The youngest eagerly picked up a pop can and the father slapped it out of her hand back into the bin.

I could see him pick up a green Steam Whistle can and it was clear that he was explaining to her that the beer can was the real goal.

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PC MPP 'certain' that health will improve under basic income pilot

Roderick Benns

Member of Provincial Parliament Laurie Scott says she is certain that as incomes increase under a basic income, or through finding a better job, this will lead to improved health for Lindsay-area residents.

The Progressive Conservative MPP for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock says she is “glad Lindsay was chosen” and that she welcomes the basic income pilot.

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Multi-faith group in Toronto to hold basic income events in late October

Roderick Benns

The multi-faith group in Toronto that held a basic income symposium last fall is launching another event in late October.

The Case for Solidarity: A Panel Discussion, will be held at University of St. Michael’s College on the evening of October 19, with panelists Senator Art Eggleton, Chandra Pasma, and Katherine Bullock. The moderator is Dr. Evelyn Forget.

Last year’s Basic Income symposium, which was hosted in collaboration with the Christian-Jewish Dialogue, had strong interfaith support from across the city.

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PLAN Canada founder calls for basic income

Roderick Benns

The co-founder of a major advocacy group in Canada for people with disabilities says there needs to be a “corrective balance” in the amount of money available for programs versus the amount of money available for individuals.

Within that difference lies the elements of providing a basic income to all Canadians who may need it, says Al Etmanski.

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Will Scotland push forward with a basic income?

The Telegraph

In a speech delivered by Nicola Sturgeon to the Scottish Parliament, she called for research into the plausibility of a “citizens' basic income” for all Scots. But what are these universal payments, and how do they work?

What is a Universal Basic Income?

A universal basic income (UBI) is a type of welfare paid by the state to all citizens, rich or poor, working or not. The unemployed are paid it even if they are not seeking work.

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