US: Researchers plan study of basic income’s effects on children’s brains

Kate McFarland

Basic Income Earth Network

A research team consisting of economists, developmental psychologists, and a neuroscientist is developing an experiment to examine the effects of a basic income on the neural development of young children.

A new study of the effects of basic income on young children is being developed by a group of five researchers: Greg Duncan (economist at the University of California, Irvine), Kimberly Noble (neuroscientist at Teachers College, Columbia University), Katherine Magnuson (developmental psychologist at University of Wisconsin, Madison), Hirokazu Yoshikawa (developmental psychologist at New York University), and Lisa Gennetian (economist at New York University).

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Coming technology will likely destroy millions of jobs. Is Trump ready?

American manufacturing job losses to China and Mexico were a major theme of the presidential campaign, and President Trump has followed up on his promise to pressure manufacturers to keep jobs here rather than send them abroad. Already, he has jawboned automakers Ford, General Motors, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler and heating and cooling manufacturer Carrier into keeping and creating jobs in the United States.  

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Can Ontario prove basic income works?

Healthy Debate

For Ontarians who receive social assistance, basic annual income is a promising solution to alleviate the impact of poverty on their health. A pilot program is being proposed by the Ontario provincial government for April 2017, which would select sites in southern Ontario, northern Ontario, and First Nations communities. Under that program, a cash transfer would be given by the government to people who make less than a certain amount.

The sites for the pilot have yet to be determined, and the Ontario government is seeking input on where and how the pilot is conducted from a community survey until January 31, 2017. Public participation in the survey is vital and will play a key role in the selection of test sites that can help generate meaningful, much-needed evidence regarding basic income.

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Human rights, basic needs

By Marcia Carroll, P.E.I. Council of People with Disabilities and

Leo Garland, P.E.I. People First

The Guardian

A basic income guarantee (B.I.G.) would transform the current social welfare system and policies to a system based on human rights and basic needs. Why is basic income especially important for people with disabilities?

A basic income guarantee would be a move away from determining a person’s value based on their work. It would eliminate the discriminatory attitude that people with disabilities are takers, not contributors, and challenge the harmful idea that wealth is for the blessed.
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Let's ensure progressives define the basic income we want

Toni Pickard

Until recently, Canadian austerity proponents have not paid a lot of attention to basic income. But now that governments are taking it up, things are changing.

The one influential study from the right, the Fraser Institute Report (January 2015), has become a major resource for conservative policy analysts appearing in the media these days. They are repeatedly defining basic income in its right wing version, as if that’s what it must be. There has been no comparable study from progressive analysts to help us counter this trend.

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CANADA: Federal minister fields questions on basic income at meeting with students

Basic Income Earth Network

Thirty McGill students meet with Jean-Yves Duclos, the Federal minister of Families, Children and Social Development for Canada.

If you follow this site, you may remember a piece on my meeting with François Blais, Quebec minister of Employment and Social Solidarity, who, over 15 years ago—when he was an academic—wrote a well-regarded book on Basic Income. Minister Blais has been tasked by his boss Philippe Couillard, the Premier of Quebec, to explore options for its implementation.

On January 16, his federal counterpart, Jean-Yves Duclos, the minister of Families, Children and Social Development for Canada, sat down for an hour with some 30 McGill students to answer questions.

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MPP says well-designed basic income could result in better care of aging parents

Roderick Benns

Ontario MPP, France Gélinas, says a well-designed basic income policy could help women stay home if they want to take care of their aging parents.

Gélinas, an MPP with Ontario’s New Democratic Party (NDP) and a health critic for her party, says women in the 50-65 age bracket often find themselves in the difficult position of placing their mother or father in a long term care home.

“Many women – and let’s be honest, it’s mostly women who would choose this – would love to stay home and take care of their moms and dads,” says Gélinas.

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